Bee Removal for Ahwatukee, Arizona

Bee Removal has become a huge issue in Ahwatukee Arizona. Bordered on the north by South Mountain and Baseline Road, on the east by Interstate 10 and the cities of Chandler. Being backed up to the mountain brings a lot of feral bees down from the mountain to forage and get water. Also to look for a new place to call home and build some honeycomb. 

Bees around the swimming pool or water feature is our biggest problem in Ahwatukee. The bees love the pool water just as much as we do maybe a bit more. 

We also get a lot of Africanized bees in Ahwatukee as well. If you have bees, please give us a call and we will take care of your bee situation as quickly and safely as possible.

Bee Removal in Apache Junction, Arizona honeybee

Bee removal in Apache Junction and around the Superstition Mountain is becoming the norm. The City of Apache Junction is a prime spot for Bee activity. During the spring, with all the trees and wildflowers blooming, bee swarms in trees and on homes is a common occurrence in Apache Junction. Unfortunately finding a new home is the reason the bees are swarming and that could mean in or around your property. Nestled in the hills under the Superstition Mountains inside Pinal County in the far East Valley. 

Nestled in the hills under the Superstition Mountains inside Pinal County in the far East Valley. Apache Junction and the Gold Canyon area hold some of the valley's most beautiful homes with amazing views of not only the Superstition Mountains but of Phoenix as well. Bees love all the swimming pools, water features, ponds, golf courses, gardens, and homes. Keeping them from moving in is no easy task and should be handled by a professional.

Africanized bees are in and around Apache Junction and throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties. They can be very dangerous and every year we hear of someone being attacked by bees trying to treat them without consulting a professional. Please do not try to treat bees on your property yourself. Not only can you be injured but you can also unknowingly get someone else or their pets hurt. Stay clear of any feral bees and leave the migrating swarms in trees alone.

Bee Removal in Carefree, Arizona

Bee Removal from swimming pools is one of the biggest problems we run into in Carefree. Bees have taken a fancy to the desert landscape and beautiful hills just like us. When you throw in swimming pools and flowerbed it becomes a bee paradise. The City of Carefree both quiet and dangerous with all the desert wildlife that loves the area.

The City of Carefree both quiet and dangerous with all the desert wildlife that loves the area. Living out here you get used to dealing with most of the wildlife encountered. Bees are a different battle altogether and can become a nightmare if given the chance. 

Bee Removal in Cave Creek, Arizona

Bee Removal in the city of Cave Creek can be tricky. With the hills and rocky terrain and plenty of desert flowers and swimming pools, the bees love to make Cave Creek their home. Most of the time this means it is in somebody's home or on their property.

We can help with all of your bee issues in Cave Creek and we can get it done fast and safe. Please give a call and we would be happy to answer any of the questions you may have about our bee removal services.

Bee Removal in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Bee Removal in Paradise Valley can be a challenge. Paradise Valley is home to some of the most breathtaking homes in Arizona. A lot of the houses are custom built homes which mean a lot of custom built places for bees to move into and start making some honey. Our flat rate bee removal pricing applies to everyone regardless of where they live or how elaborate the home is.

Feel free to give us a call about your bee problem and get pointed in the right direction and save some bees and some money at the same time.

Bee Removal in Chandler, Arizona

Bee Removal in the City of Chandler, Arizona. There is a lot of bee activity all over Chandler with the most being concentrated in 85225 and 85226. Bees have been a problem for Chandler homeowners for years and will be around for years more building honeycombs in the attics and under sheds. 

Phoenix Bee Removal has handled thousands of bee removals in Chandler over the years. Some of the biggest honeycomb removals we have done were in Chandler back when there were 100's of foreclosed homes all over the valley.

Bees can be dangerous if the problem is not approached properly. Africanized bees can be extremely dangerous and even result in death if treated by someone inexperienced. Please call a professional to talk about your bee problem. Never try to treat the bees yourself always consult a professional.

Bee Removal in Queen Creek, Arizona

Queen Creek, Arizona is a very large rural city with an abundance of bee problems. Queen Creek accounts for a large number of our bee removals with numbers the growing every year. We are very familiar with the Queen Creek area as well as neighboring San Tan Valley and Johnson Ranch areas.

We have been handling bee problems in Queen Creek for years. The open farmland and canals make a perfect environment for honeybees to forage. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to move into the communities and businesses which can quickly get out of hand and can result in injuries.

So if you live in Queen Creek and have a bee problem please give us a call so we can safely get it handled.

Bee Removal in Fountain Hills, Arizona 

Bee Removal in the city of Fountain Hills Arizona. With all the luxurious and eccentric houses in fountain hills, it makes it a perfect place for honey bees to call home. With the fountain and all the swimming pools, the bees have plenty of options to call home.  An abundance of flowers and trees also keep the bees busy and happy making honey.

We come across more Africanized bees in Fountain Hills more than other cities and this can become dangerous. If you have bees on or around your home please give us a call so we can come up with a solution and get your bee problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Bee Removal in Rio Verde, Arizona

Rio Verde has a very high population of Africanized bees over half of our call's to Rio Verde and far north Scottsdale are Africanized and tend to be well established by the time homeowners discover them. Most of the homes in Rio Verde are right in the middle of untamed desert leaving them open for all sorts of rodent, reptile and insect infestations and problems.

The homes in Rio Verde may also be a little difficult to find at times but we have been servicing this area for years and know most the roads well. We average a lot of bee removals in Rio Verde every year with bee problems and increasing every year.

Bee removal in Gilbert, Arizona

Bees have been in Gilbert for years and we do dozens of bee removals every year within Gilbert city limits. With the Growth of the city, it gives the bees plenty of places to hide out in new homes as well as older homes. We have done our fair share of honeycomb cutouts in Gilbert. Some of them exceeding 100 lbs. or more. Feral bees can take a few days to get going but once they do they can build up to a pound of comb a day. 

Bees can be dangerous if the problem is not approached properly. Africanized bees can be extremely dangerous and even result in death if treated by someone with no experience. Please call a professional to talk about your bee problem. Never try to treat the bees yourself and always consult a professional.

Bee Removal in San Tan Valley

San Tan Valley a new name but not new to bee problems. All the now housing communities in San Tan Valley are great places for bees to get water with all the ponds, pools and fountains. There is also no shortage of flowers, gardens, and trees. This gives the bees plenty of reason to stick around. If you are new to Arizona or just new to the San Tan Valley you probably never thought bees would be a problem most people expect scorpions or snakes but the truth is there are just as many bee issues as there are scorpions.

If you live in San Tan Valley and have any questions about bees around your home feel free to give us a call and we will be glad to talk with you about your bee problem. Or if you have already had the bees taken care of and are looking to have the honeycomb removed please give us a call and schedule your appointment today.

Bee Removal Gold Canyon AZ

Bee and Wasp Removal for Gold Canyon, AZ.

Flat Rate Bee Removal and Control

Bee Removal - Honey Comb Removal and Repair 

Professional bee removal service for Gold Canyon, AZ. 

Safe, effective, guaranteed bee and honeycomb removal services. Bee Removal in Gold Canyon has increased just as the population and number of homes have increased over the last ten years. Gold Canyon is a beautiful city tucked away in front of the Superstition Mountains and just far enough away from the everyday hustle and bustle of Phoenix to make the night sky and stars pop. However, with such beauty, we must also share it with the wildlife and that includes our flying insects and of course that includes beneficial insects such as honey bees. Bees love the desert as much as we do and also love swimming pools gardens and flower beds as well. This makes a perfect combination for the bees to settle down and make a home. 

Removing bees can be extremely dangerous

Treating or trying to remove an active bee colony can be extremely dangerous. Especially an Africanized honey bee colony or killer bees as they have become known. Everyone within 100 yards of the active bee colony is in danger of being stung and becoming a target for the defending hive. We cannot express how serious this is and how quickly it can get out of hand for someone who is not experienced in the handling of Africanized Honey Bees.  We have a lot of seniors in the Gold Canyon community and safety should be of utmost importance when it comes to bee removal.  

Honey Bees are very creative when it comes to choosing a home 

Walls, parapets, attic space, sheds and more, all make great places for bees to start a new hive and start producing honey. Once the bees get started in a wall or attic space it does not take long for things to get out of control. Bees begin setting up honeycomb and have the Queen bee start laying eggs as quickly as possible. Honeycomb will be established to the size of a couple frozen waffles after about 48 hours. The bees will immediately begin stocking up pollen, nectar, and water. The queen will begin laying eggs and the bees will fall into a steady workflow. Gold Canyon residents, as well as the surrounding Superstition wilderness, provides the bees with everything they need to survive. 

After the Bees have been established for awhile they will eventually become defensive of their hive and will let anyone who gets too close know it. This is where the danger begins as well. If they are Africanized Bees they could easily kill a pet or even a person. As soon as bees are noticed on a property you should call and set up an appointment to have the bees safely taking care of. If the bees have been there for a few days then the honeycomb will need to be cut out and the area sanitized and sealed off properly to prevent another infestation of bees.  

We have been safely removing bees in Gold Canyon AZ for over a decade and counting.  

Most of the hives we encounter in Gold Canyon are very aggressive and can be dangerous. This is usually the case with bees out in rural areas of central Arizona. Please give us a call and get some advice on your bee problem and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Bee Removal in Scottsdale, Arizona

Bee removal in Scottsdale is an everyday occurrence. Scottsdale Arizona is one of the nation's most popular upscale cities. Bees take notice to this with all the golf courses and beautiful gardens all through Scottsdale. We offer the residents of Scottsdale the same affordable flat rate bee control that we offer the rest of the valley.

We work with a lot of REO and property management companies in Scottsdale and our numbers are increasing with referral's and agents discovering that there is a real bee removal company that can handle their bee problem for a fraction of the price they are used to paying. Once you have used us you will never use another company again that is our guarantee.

Bee Removal for Maricopa, Arizona

We get a lot of bee removals in Maricopa every year and no two are ever the same. We have encountered some very aggressive hives in Maricopa possibly Africanized so we always expect the worst when going to such a rural city.

The once-tiny town of Maricopa grew from just 1,040 residents in 2000 to a whopping 43,000 in 2010. That's over 4000 percent which makes it the fastest growing city in Arizona. It also gives the bee population in Maricopa a lot of food and water enabling them to multiply fast.

Bee Removal in Tempe, Arizona

We get a lot of calls for bee removal in Tempe all throughout the Spring and Summer months to remove bees from properties and businesses. The city of Tempe is the home of the Arizona State University Sun Devils but it is also home to millions of honey bees. We've been servicing the city of Tempe for years and will continue to remove bees in Tempe for years to come.

There are plenty of reasons for bees to call Tempe home from Tempe Town Lake to all of the gardens and flowers around the city. If you have a bee problem and live in Tempe give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bee Removal in Mesa, Arizona

Bee Removal in Mesa has become commonplace throughout the Spring and Summer Months. We get a large number of bee problems all throughout Mesa. One of the valley's largest cities actually one of Arizona's largest cities and with all the population growth in the past decade bees have become a very common problem.

Give us a call for all your bee control issue's and get all the information you need from an experienced beekeeper and see what steps may be needed to aid you with your bee problem.

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