Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal and Repair Service For The Phoenix Metro Area

Damage and safety hazards from bees and honey

Once honey bees in Arizona have established themselves on your property. Honeycomb removal becomes necessary to prevent property damage as well as robber bees returning to the area due to pheromones and honey left from the previous colony.

Honey left in an attic space or wall of a home can cause a lot of damage and also become a health and fire hazard. During the hot Arizona summer months where temps exceed 100 degrees in Phoenix. Honey melts and flows like water and can cause serious damage to your property.

Mold from the decaying bees and honey can become a health hazard and also bring in other unwanted pests such as cockroaches, ants, mice and rats to name a few. Other colonies of bees will also be drawn to the pheromones left behind from the bees and honeycomb and move back into the area and this will become a reoccurring problem.

What is included in our honeycomb removal service

Not only do we provide the honeycomb removal service but repairing and sealing off the infested area is included in the price. Along with a 3-year warranty on the area serviced. We will fill in the void preventing the bees from ever gaining access again.

We always recommend having the honeycomb removed as well as the dead bees. If the honey and bees are left in the problem area you will have a continuous problem with bees a couple times a year. Feel free to give us a call and get a free quote over the phone for your honeycomb removal service. From start to finish Phoenix Bee removal is here to help with all honeybee and honeycomb issues you may encounter.

Steps for honeycomb cutout and removal:

  • Inspect and locate the exact position of the honeycomb
  • Demo and cut open up the area which the bee hive is located
  • Remove all bees and debris from area
  • Scrape out all honeycomb and/or melted honey from the cavity
  • Sanitize and mask off the infested area to cover any pheromones the bees may have left
  • Fill the void and seal off any and all entry points the bees were using to gain access to the area
  • Repair the area which we gained access to the hive (roof, stucco, drywall, etc.)
  • Seal off from the outside
  • Replace any items moved to complete the honeycomb removal
  • All honeycomb cutouts come backed with a 3-year warranty 
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