Bee Removal in Apache Junction, Arizona honeybee

Bee removal in Apache Junction and around the Superstition Mountain is becoming the norm. The City of Apache Junction is a prime spot for Bee activity. During the spring, with all the trees and wildflowers blooming, bee swarms in trees and on homes is a common occurrence in Apache Junction. Unfortunately finding a new home is the reason the bees are swarming and that could mean in or around your property. Nestled in the hills under the Superstition Mountains inside Pinal County in the far East Valley. 

Nestled in the hills under the Superstition Mountains inside Pinal County in the far East Valley. Apache Junction and the Gold Canyon area hold some of the valley's most beautiful homes with amazing views of not only the Superstition Mountains but of Phoenix as well. Bees love all the swimming pools, water features, ponds, golf courses, gardens, and homes. Keeping them from moving in is no easy task and should be handled by a professional.

Africanized bees are in and around Apache Junction and throughout Maricopa and Pinal Counties. They can be very dangerous and every year we hear of someone being attacked by bees trying to treat them without consulting a professional. Please do not try to treat bees on your property yourself. Not only can you be injured but you can also unknowingly get someone else or their pets hurt. Stay clear of any feral bees and leave the migrating swarms in trees alone.


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